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Ordinary Level Leaving cert Maths 2010 a report by John brennan

This years exam was nicer and shorter that previous years.There were a few complaints.In the main these were about Q1c (ii)and Q3c which was totalally off the wall.Q5 involved formulae in every part which was unusual.But the two normally difficult questions Q6,Q8 were fine.Q7b(i) was a bit cheeky ,Q7c was the nicest ever. Paper two I think was probably shorter and less tedious than 2005.Q2b Simpsons Rule was lovely But Q3(a)on the Circle may have upset some students.The trig basically asked the same thing in parts (b),(c).The stats question was fine it contained all the usual suspects.The probability question was a bit different but they did tell you how to do part c. The options Q9 and Q11 should not have caused too much trouble. All in all i think most people are happy. The failure rate at 10.4% was the lowest for many years .Nearly 500 more students passed in 2009 than passed in 2008.

2009 Leaving Cert Solutions by John Brennan

Solutions for Leaving Cert(H&O) and junior cert (H) 2009 exams

Must Know file for Junior Cert Higher Maths by john brennan

Students emails us for your free copy of the Junior Cert higher Maths must know file

Junior Cert Algebra All you need to know by john Brennan

Our junior Cert algebra the essential Guide . assumes that the student"knows nothing " and explains everything from the words and symbols used in the exam to explaining how to tackle all of the problems in algebra which students are likely to face in the exam . We include(1) equations linear,Simultaneous,quadratic, manipulation of formulae,(2)factors we teach them properly with a well proven step by step method (it's hard to believe the fact that more than 60% of junior cert students are unable to find the factors of a quadratic expression !) .We deal with "word" problems which lead to quadratic equations , and much much ! If your algebra is not too hot this guide is the perfect solution. Don't forget that Algebra accounts for about 150 of the 300 marks on Syllabus A Maths paper 1 and about 100 marks on Syllabus B paper 1 you only need 120 marks to pass each paper!

Leaving Cert Ordinary Level Algebra the essential guide by John Brennan

Are you studying for Leaving Cert Ordinary level Maths ? what are you like at Algebra ? If the answer is only ok! then Paper 1 will definitely cause you problems . It's "wall to Wall" Algebra Question 2 and Question 3 are pure Algebra. While Question 4 ,Question 6 and Question 8 will involve Algebra indirectly !. Our Algebra guide for Leaving Cert Ordinary level covers everything from the words like "solve", "simplify",to the symbols like N,Z <,> and many others used on the exam paper . We cover (1) Equations ,Linear,Simultaneous,Quadratic,Cubic, Inequalities,Factors,manipulation of formulae , long division in Algebra ,synthetic devision,Indices, questions based on quadratic graphs , functions , in fact everything which is needed to ensure your safe passage through paper 1. The essential guide can be ordered by email

Free Info !Standard Deviation and Mean from your Calculator by john brennan

FREE !FREE !FREE!FREE The Calculator File Just Email us at

Pass Leaving Cert students you may not know this but it is possible to find the mean and the standard deviation directly from your calculator, this procedure takes about 1 minute and it has been worth 20 marks each year for the last 4 years 20 marks in 1 minute not bad value? E mail us at for our calculator file discover the fraction key,the exp key and the DMS key learn how to use your calculator to take full advantage of the facilities it offers after all there is no point in having a dog and barking yourself! jb

Leaving Cert Honours Maths the Proofs by john brennan

We have put together in one booklet all the required proofs of the leaving cert higher maths course. You may not be aware of exactly what you "must know" . In some of the proofs we felt that the methods in the most popular text books were tedious, so we have included a few of our own Check out the COS(A-B) proof which uses vectors ! and the the proof of the product and Quotient rules from first principals.Also you do not have to know how to prove every identity on page 9 of the Maths tables just the first 12!

The Leaving Cert Maths Must Know files by John brennan


The" must know "Leaving and Junior Cert Maths files tell students what they can expext to be asked in each question on the maths papers . The file goes through each exam question by question advising students on the material they must know to answer that question . The files have been put together by our experienced team of teachers and will provide a valuable study aid for all students .THe files are available in Leaving Cert Maths (H&L) Junior Cert Maths Higher and Lower sorry no foundation maths files as yet . Email us at for your free copy which we will send to you by email

Leaving Cert Higher Maths by John Brennan

Topics not on Leaving Cert Higher Maths sourse but still being taught!

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