Leaving Cert Maths Higher Paper

Lay out of the Exam
Two Papers total 300 marks available on each Paper Time allowed for each paper 2 hours 30minutes.

Paper 1
There are 8 questions on this paper each question is worth 50 marks. The examiner will correct all questions, which are attempted but will only include the marks of your best 6 answers.

Paper 2
This consists of two sections:
Section A contains 7 questions, of which you must attempt 5. If you attempt more than 5 they will credit you with the marks of your best 5 questions.

Section B (two options) this section contains 4 questions you must attempt one question from this section.

Marking Scheme
Each question is divided into three sections (a), (b), (c)

Section (a) is usually very easy, can be done in three lines, and is worth 10 marks.

Section (b) (20 marks) this is often divided into two parts (i), (ii), each part worth 10 marks. It is in section (b) that you are most likely to be asked a question on a procedure; proofs usually come up in section (b).

Section (c). (20 marks) Again this will be divided into two parts the first part being the easier of the two, the second part is usually used to sort out the A students from the rest this is particularly true in the most popular questions on Paper 1.

The exam is marked as follows

-3 for blunders (Mathematical errors)
-1 for Slips (“silly mistakes” usually numerical errors)
No marks are lost for a repeated error in the same section of a question, in other words the same mistake in the same section is never punished twice.
Attempt marks are awarded for any step in the right direction.
The attempt mark is 1/3 of the marks for a particular section; you cannot get less than the attempt mark for a section, if you have taken one step in the right direction of the answer!

Paper 1 Essentials
Everything you must know to achieve maximum marks on paper 1 Including an analysis of the proofs that have been asked and the best approach to getting the best rests. Download PDF (32KB)

Advice as to which questions to attempt and when.
What is the best kept secret on paper!.
What questions can you safely leave out?
Download PDF (42KB)


Having problems with induction these files contain everything you wanted to know about induction but were afraid to Ask!
Download PDF (42KB)

Differential Calculus
The good, bad and the ugly. Here are a questions which most students found very difficult, the purpose of these questions was to filter out the A1, and A2 students from the rest. Download PDF (1068KB)

Solutions to the 2000 paper fully explained Download PDF (32KB)

See how , makes proving the product rules and quotient rule in calculus a lot easier Download PDF (877 KB)

Find out what is the best kept secret on the Higher Maths Paper 1. Find out which topics in your text books are not on the course. Download PDF (16KB)

Algebra Download PDF (32KB)

Sequence & Series Download PDF (105KB)

Paper 2 Essentials

What you "must know" to achieve maximum marks. The Essentials Download PDF (24KB)

Advice as to which questions to attempt and when. We analysise the proofs which have been asked in the last 6 years. Download PDF (37KB)

Solutions to the 2000 paper fully explained. Download PDF (57KB)

Coordinate Geometry See our thoughts on the Coordinate Geometry of the line and circle. Download PDF (32KB)

Vectors Here is an interesting proof for Cos(A-B) using vectors. Download PDF (32KB)

Topics removed from the course in 1994 which are still being thought 6 years later! Download PDF (29KB)

Transformations Linear Transformations Download PDF