Junior Cert Project Maths Solutions 2018-2011sample and actual papers

Solutions of all SEC papers from 2011-2018 including SEC and NCCA samples This is a new version of our popular Junior Cert Book .There are 600 pages of Exam papers questions and solutions. Solutions of all papers including 2018 paper 1 and Paper 2.All the important (old course)Paper 1 questions have been retained .These are included with all Paper 1 Project maths sample papers and actual paper fully worked solutions. All the paper 2 project maths solutions including samples and actual papers. As EXAM PAPERS INCLUDED no need to buy exam papers ! The format is question on left hand page and the solution on the right hand page. The official marking scheme is included with each solution. The book is A4 format and wire bound and opens flat. The question is on the left hand page the solution is on the right hand page. This book was a best seller last season. All the proofs of the required theorems are included including a very nice proof of Pythagoras Theorem!

  • Includes the new Calculator file
  • A complete section on the Geometry required for the exam, ALL THE REQUIRED THEOREMS ARE PROVED
  • <1i>The Algebra section deals with Linear equations,Simultaneous equations ,factors,quadratic equations,solving word problems involving linear and quadratic equations.
  • In the section on Trigonometry we deal with the unit circle,the right angled triangle and the Sine rule.
  • For Coordinate geometry of the line we include all the formulae and the "must know" information on lines.
    We have added a set of notes on number patterns and proportional relationships.

    The book has 575 pages packed full of tips & Tricks to help students maximise their marks. Visit our Junior Cert Section to Download Free Advice

    Price EUR30.00

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