Ordinary Level Leaving cert Maths 2010 a report

by John brennan on 2006-06-14
This years exam was nicer and shorter that previous years.There were a few complaints.In the main these were about Q1c (ii)and Q3c which was totalally off the wall suitable only for ex higher maths students.Q5 was easier than former year.But the two normally difficult questions Q6,Q8 were fine.Q7c caused lots of problems as they gave the speed instead of the distance .Paper two I think was probably shorter and less tedious than 2005.Q2b Simpsons Rule was lovely But Q3(b)on the Circle may have upset some students.Q5The trigonometry question part (c ii) would have caught most students. Q7The statistics question was fine it contained all the usual suspects.The probability question was fine.The part c also came up on the Higher paper. The options Q9 and Q11 should not have caused too much trouble.All in all i think most people are happy

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