Leaving Cert Higher Maths

by John Brennan on 2000-02-23
The new leaving cert Higher Maths Syllabus has been on the go since 1994 but some teachers and their students are still unaware that certain topics are not on the course .(1) In Coordinate geometry the following are not on the course (a) Bisectors of angles , and by implication the incentre of a triangle . (b)Orthogonal circles . (c) Systems of circles In Calculus there are only 6 functions which you may be asked to differentiate from first principals, x2,x3,1/x,/x,Sinx,Cosx.In trigonometry you cannot be asked to find the period and range of functions of the form f(x)= a+bSinkx, you can only be asked to find the period and range from a given diagram.In Algebra the remainder theorem is not on the course . If any of the above appear on a bought in mock paper ask for a refund !

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