Leaving Cert Ordinary Level Algebra the essential guide

by John Brennan on 2000-10-01
Are you studying for Leaving Cert Ordinary level Maths ? what are you like at Algebra ? If the answer is only ok! then Paper 1 will definitely cause you problems . It's "wall to Wall" Algebra Question 2 and Question 3 are pure Algebra. While Question 4 ,Question 6 and Question 8 will involve Algebra indirectly !.Our Algebra guide for Leaving Cert Ordinary level covers everything from the words like "solve", "simplify",to the symbols like N,Z <,> and many others used on the exam paper .We cover (1) Equations ,Linear,Simultaneous,Quadratic,Cubic,Inequalities,Factors,manipulation of formulae , long division in Algebra ,synthetic devision,Indices, questions based on quadratic graphs , functions , in fact everything which is needed to ensure your safe passage through paper 1. The essential guide can be ordered by email

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