Junior Cert Algebra All you need to know

by john Brennan on 2000-10-01
Our junior Cert algebra the essential Guide . assumes that the student"knows nothing " and explains everything from the words and symbols used in the exam to explaining how to tackle all of the problems in algebra which students are likely to face in the exam .We include(1) equations linear,Simultaneous,quadratic, manipulation of formulae,(2)factors we teach them properly with a well proven step by step method (it's hard to believe the fact that more than 60% of junior cert students are unable to find the factors of a quadratic expression !) .We deal with "word" problems which lead to quadratic equations , and much much !If your algebra is not too hot this guide is the perfect solution. Don't forget that Algebra accounts for about 150 of the 300 marks on Syllabus A Maths paper 1 and about 100 marks on Syllabus B paper 1 you only need 120 marks to pass each paper!

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