Leaving Cert French Higher Paper

Exam Brief:
The following notes will advise you on how to approach the different sections of the paper. They will also make you more familiar with the marking scheme and give you advice on how to time yourselves, so that you have enough time to complete each section of the paper, without having to panic towards the end of the exam.
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We have Leaving Cert Higher French Notes on all of the following topics:
(1)Message writing
(2)Formal Letters
(3)Informal Letters
(4)Informal letters exercises
(5)Le Chomage
(6)LC Passe Compose
(8)L'ecrit Productif-Technique l'essai.

Our notes are prepared by Carole Menon a French National who has more than 15 years experience teaching Leaving Cert Higher French. The notes are original and unique (not the tired old dog eared mass produced notes currently doing the rounds) and will be of great help in your final exam preparation. If you are now preparing for your Oral exams please download for free our French Oral exam notes .

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