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Junior Cert Ordinary Maths

Layout of Exam.

The exam consists of two papers. There are 6 questions on each paper. Students must attempt all 6 questions. All questions must be answered in the spaces provided in the exam paper. Each Question is worth 50 marks.each question is divided into 3 sections (a), (b), (c) .The marking scheme is generally as follows part (a) 10 marks, part (b) 20 marks, part(c) 20 marks.

Paper 1.

Question 1; Sets: You must know the meaning of all of the following symbols. . You must be able to solve problems using Venn diagrams.

Question 2: Arithmetic; This question contains questions on Money, Ratio and use of your calculator.

Question 3:Arithmetic: This question will contain questions on %, tax, and tax credits, Simple Interest.

Question 4:Algebra; Equations, inequalities, Simultaneous Equations, Write as a single fraction.

Question 5;Algebra; Equations, factors, forming equations from given information.

Question 6:Functions, graphs of Quadratic functions, questions based on your graph.

Paper 2

Question 1; Arithmetic, Profit/loss, Area and Volume.

Question 2:Arithmetic, Ratio, Distance speed, time.

Question 3:Statistics. Mean, mode Bar Charts, Pie Charts,

Question 4:Geometry questions based on given diagrams, finding the measure of angles. Modern Geometry, Central, Axial Symmetries, Translations.

Question 5:Coordinate Geometry of the Line.Using given formulae. Plotting points drawing lines.

Question 6:Trigonometry.working with right angled triangles to find the lengths of their sides and the measure of the angles.

Rules For Algebra