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LeavingCertSolutions.com provides preparation exams with complete solutions to students wishing to maximize their Irish Leaving Cert exams scores. High profile Irish teachers prepare all solutions with an eye for how students can improve their score. Prepare for your 2019 exams now!


JuniorCertSolutions.com The definitive junior Cert site! All the information on this site is prepared and written by Irish teachers all experts in their Subject, many are authors of the most popular Text Books. All have corrected the department exams in their subject and know exactly what is required to achieve maximum marks.

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The Ballinteer Institute has been running since 1980. All teachers involved have been chosen for their outstanding teaching ability & their communication skills. All have corrected the Department exams in their subjects and are familiar with the marking systems. All out students will be advised on the best possible strategy to achieve maximum points in the exams. Click Here for the Timetable

The Ballinteer Institute will not be offering an Easter Revision Course in 2019


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